Tom Ridley

I do 3 things:

Nottingham Rock City. Photo: Sam Nahirny

No Laptop?!

Everything you normally do with Ableton Live I can help you achieve without a laptop on stage.

And because it runs on dedicated, customisable hardware, it's actually better than using a laptop.

Using Pure Data (an open source version of Max), I've built a complex and slick system with the following benefits:

Projects, Clients & History

Some examples

Nottingham Rock City w/ Mowbeck (Laptop-free)

Dyson Music Machines - TED-style talk at Malmesbury Headquarters

Arctangent Festival 2017 - Poisonous Birds (Laptop - Logic Pro)

Reading & Leeds 2016 - Mowbeck (Laptop - Logic Pro)

Future Developments

I'm constantly working on enhancements, here's the roadmap:

I recorded the following quick video for Yamaha Europe.

It touches on how the show is put together, and exemplifies the very compact and robust live rig for Poisonous Birds.

As a performer:


Electric Guitar


Bass Guitar

As as a producer and live show designer:

Logic Pro

Ableton Live

Pure Data/Max MSP

Elektron Machines

Advanced MIDI


Live Visuals


Home: Bristol (I'm mobile for work in London or abroad)

Age: 27


Musical Education: Absolutely nothing

Other Education: Loughborough University - BEng Product Design Engineering Hons - (2:1 - Focus on Musical Instrument Design)

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